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World Book Online is a great place to start your investigations.


Go to History & Social Studies-->World History-->Middle Ages


Go to World History-->Click on 1250-1500 The Late Middle Ages

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In the search box type the word medieval. There are many relevant ebooks on this topic including the Eyewitness Medieval Life ebook (don't miss it).


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[[#|Step]] back into history get Medieval facts and information about the famous people, life and events of Medieval Times.

Hygiene in the Middle Ages

How did people in the Middle Ages bath? Did they bath? Did they brush their teeth? Did they was their clothes?


From Regia Anglorum website:

These pages are designed to be an interactive experience for anybody with an interest in Early Medieval Europe and in Anglo-Saxon and Viking Britain in particular. It is hoped that you will find these pages both informative, entertaining and educational.

Regia Anglorum Article Index--Direct links to:

Weapons & War Craft Crafts & Every Day Life Religion & Church Jobs of the Villagers

  • The charcoal burner

  • The priest

  • The potter

  • The fisherman

  • The stonemason

  • The boneworker

  • The carpenter

  • The weaver

  • The leatherworker

  • The glassworker

  • The moneyer

  • The storyteller

  • The blacksmith

  • The bronzesmith

  • The baker

Monstatic Life (Life of a Monk)


Sponsored by the Annenberg Foundation this website walks visitors through different aspects of Medieval life. Don't miss the link Related Resources to connect to virtual Medieval villages that include details on homes, occupations, and descriptions of daily life.

  • Feudal Life

  • Religion

  • Homes

  • Clothing

  • Health

  • Art

  • Entertainment

  • Town Life

  • Related Resources

Medieval Period

Link to information about all aspects of Medieval life including:

  • Medieval Kings and Queens

  • Medieval Feudal System

  • Medieval Clothing

  • Medieval Entertainment

  • Medieval Food and Drink

  • Medieval Occupations

  • Medieval Guilds

  • Medieval Women

  • Medieval Names

  • Medieval Musical Instruments


List of links to information on all things related to the Middle Ages including the Doomsday Book, women in the Middle Ages, Guilds, village life, etc.

Middle Ages Links


Websites created by students on all aspects of Medieval Life. Check out the Good, the Bad, and the Medieval.

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A site devoted to the role of women in the Middle Ages, interactive and visual.



Welcome to Castles for Kids. Please browse our pages to learn more about the parts of a castle, what they have inside them, and the people that live in a castles.


Links to Medieval occupations including monks, nuns, & bishops. Also links to information about housing, cathedrals, food, clothing, etc.

Feudal Terms of England (and other places)

A glossary useful and common terms associated with the medieval period.


Welcome to the Castles of Britain Website. The authorative informational website about castles in the United Kingdom. This site has links to all sorts of information including all aspects of castle life, castle floor plans, bathing & washing, dungeons, drawbridges, manor houses, furniture, etc.
Detailed plans of castles and manor houses.

Welcome to Medieval and Middle Ages History Timelines for kids and adults. Explore the history of the Medieval period from the time of Alfred the Great through the Norman Conquest and up to the start of the Tudor Age. Detailed Timelines contain events for years between 800 and 1547. Maps show the locations of castles, abbeys and cathedrals in England, Scotland and Wales. Every person and building on this site has a timeline and links to related subjects.

Link to 3D reconstructions

View historical buildings as they may have appeared in the past including castles and other medieval structures and weapons, e.g, trebuchet.

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Medieval and Middle Ages websites built by students that include the following topics:

  • Daily Life

  • Home Life

  • Knighthood

  • Weapons

  • Clothing

  • Food

  • Peasants

  • Markets

Invicta History and Politics Website

From Invicta Grammar School, Kent England

Amazing resources including links to interactives such as jousting, destroy a castle, and the Battle of Hastings.

Personalities and Events & Medieval Topics

From the UK History Learning website a long roster of links to short explanations of medieval people and topics.

Net Serf

Your Internet Connection for Medieval Resources.


By providing these castle research pages, we hope to encourage students, writers, and enthusiasts of all ages to explore castles and to stimulate their creativity. Here you will find many areas of interest to help and guide you.

The WWW Virtual Library History Index--Medieval Europe

This list of on-line references is maintained by The Michigan State University Graduate Student Medieval and Renaissance Consortium, under the sponsorship of ORB, for The World Wide Web Virtual Library History Section. This is an incredibly rich website. Categories include architecture, culture, art, law, religion, philosophy, etc.


The Internet Medieval Sourcebook is located and maintained by the Fordham University Center for Medieval Studie

Bayeux Tapestry (animated--YouTube Video)

This is very cool and a new way to look at something very old.

Make Your Own Bayeux Tapestry (interactive) Really fun and very authentic interactive from the Britain's Museum of Reading.