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Renaissance and Reformation Collection includes:
  • Almanac provides extensive background information and includes exploration of both the Italian and Northern Renaissance, the Protestant, Catholic, and Counter Reformations, and much more.

  • Biographies introduces students to 50 people of the era, including Galileo Galilei, Johannes Gutenberg, Ben Jonson, and others.

  • Primary Sources allows students to study 18 full or excerpted speeches, diary entries, poems and documents. Also included in this reference library are photographs, maps, sidebars, further reading section, a "Words to Know" section, timeline and index.

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Great site to begin your Renaissance explorations.


Welcome to The Renaissance Connection, the Allentown Art Museum's interactive educational web site. With the simple click of a mouse button, travel 500 years into the past to discover many Renaissance innovations revealed through the Allentown Art Museum's Samuel H. Kress Collection of European art. This is a completely interactive resource that is tons of fun to explore and discover the Renaissance roots of many of the ideas and devices we use today.

Links to biographies and galleries of art, architecture, inventions, etc.

Technology & Science


From the Museum of Science, Boston. From the website:

"Leonardo da Vinci may seem an unusual topic to study in science. But the more you learn about this remarkable Renaissance man, the more you will realize that he was a terrific role model for applying the scientific method creatively in every aspect of life including art and music. Although he is best known for his dramatic and expressive artwork, Leonardo also conducted dozens of carefully thought out experiments and created futuristic inventions in a time before modern science and invention had really begun."



Andreas Vesalius of Brussels (1514 - 1564) produced Europe's most detailed and best illustrated atlas of the human body at the age of 28 in 1543, with a revised edition in 1555. It quickly became what The Oxford Medical Companion calls "probably the most influential of all medical works."



Mathematics, Astronomy & Technology


The Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza [IMSS] is one of the foremost international institutions in the History of Science, combining a noted museum of scientific instruments and an institute dedicated to the research, documentation and dissemination of the history of science in the broadest senses.

The museum, the specialized library, the archives, the multimedia, photographic and restoration laboratories provide an integrated whole in the service of disseminating scientific culture, capitalizing on Italy's technical/scientific heritage, while continuously updating research in the history of science and technology.

Includes extensive biographies, videos demonstrating concepts and theories, and images of inventions.