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Great website for grades 3 and up.


Very detailed website that includes information about planets & their satellites, comets, asteroids, spacecraft, & solar systems. Excellent for grades 3 and up.


Astronomy for Kids pages.

Links to detailed information about the planets.

8 Wonders of the Solar System, Made Interactive

The 9 8 Planets Multimedia Tour

Our Universe Includes information on the History of the Universe, Galaxies, Our Solar System, Black Holes, Dark Matter, Superstrings , Wormholes, Quasars, and Nebulae

Black Holes FAQ Created by Ted Bunn, associate professor in the physics department of the University of Richmond

Black Holes Gravity's Relentless Pull--excellent introductory video that explains what a Black Hole is.

StarChild (from NASA) Great site that offers different levels of explanation about common and not so common space bodies that are easy to understand for grades 1-6.

Amazing Space Glossary Excellent and in-depth glossary of terms with succinct and understandable definitions. Just type in what you want to define. Highly recommended.

Amazing Space Capture Find online adventures, pictures of celestial wonders, and answers to cosmic questions. You have to try this one to get it.

No Escape: The Truth about Black Holes

NASA's Imagine the Universe Click on topics and explore resources. This is an exhaustive list including everything from Binary Star Systems to White Dwarfs.

PBS Mysteries of Deep Space Companion site to the PBS program. Don't miss **Links to find loads of links** to other astronomy resources.

Defining Celestial Objects and Terms

Astronomy for Kids Very easy to understand definitions.

Kid Friendly Definitions Type in space terms and see what you get.



From Yahoo! Kids--Galactic Glossary. Use this site to look up common/popular space travel, planet, and celestial body information. Easy to navigate!


Learning about science should never be boring. We will take you to the moons of Jupiter, and explore the possibility of life on these distant worlds. Travel through the expanse of the universe and discover just how much SPACE there is in Space. And we will learn how modern day scientists are pushing the limits of space exploration every day. is owned and operated by the KidsKnowIt Network. Visit the KidsKnowIt Network Online to find resources on other topics including dinosaurs, biology, math, memory, and more.


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Planetary Fact Sheets

Your Weight on Other Worlds

What is an Astronomical Unit (AU)

An astronomical unit (AU) equals the distance between the Earth and the Sun.

Amazing Space


Celestial Object or Phenomenon Direct Links