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Below is a list of Safe Searching Resources. To access these resources you must have the correct login and password information from your Safe Searching Resources handout. If you don't have this handout stop by the LMC to get a copy.


Search path-->Topic Centers-->The Civil War and Reconstruction: 1860–1876

US History & Social Studies



Scroll down the list of the right-hand side of the screen and click on the United States Civil War, 1861-1865. You can also use the search field to search on your topic, person, event, or keywords.

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Search on these titles in MackinVIA (click on the logo above). Remember, you need to know your MackinVIA username and password to access these resources.

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Link to Primary Source Pathfinder to locate primary source documents including:

  • Journal

  • Letter

  • Diaries

  • Photographs

  • Portraits (drawn and or painted)

  • Newspapers

  • Magazines

  • Documents (e.g., speech, tickets, license, warrant, poster, legislation, etc.)

  • Maps, Charts and Graphs

  • Physical Objects from the time period

  • Film, Video, Audio Recordings

FREE Web Sites

No logins or passwords are required to access the following resources.


This is an amazing resource, well organized with links to a number of credible and scholarly resources including primary sources for photos and first hand accounts from both Confederate and Union soldiers.

American Civil War


A thousand sites in one! was developed with the idea that crucial concepts, themes, ideas, and fact sets taught in the classroom can be enhanced over the internet through interactivity. Furthermore, for teachers to have a reliable k -8 internet site to use in the computer lab or in the classroom, that likely covers one or many themes currently being taught.


This online collection provides access to about 7,000 different views and portraits made during the American Civil War (1861-1865) and its immediate aftermath. The images represent the original glass plate negatives made under the supervision of Mathew Brady and Alexander Gardner as well as the photographic prints in the Civil War photographs file in the Prints & Photographs Reading Room. These negatives and prints are sometimes referred to as the Anthony-Taylor-Rand-Ordway-Eaton Collection to indicate the previous owners. The Library purchased the negatives in 1943.

Search tip for this collection: Try putting in very few search terms, particularly when searching for people (for example, try just the person's last name).


Extensive timeline from 1861-1865 with embedded links to even more information.

Search on indivual names or search on civil war.

Footnote--Where History Will Surprise You

Great location for Civil War Spies

Community & Conflict the Civil War in the Ozarks

This collection offers a portrait of life in the Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma between the years of 1850 and 1875. It includes photographs, letters, journals and other artifacts that relay the difficulty of conducting everyday matters amid the destruction of the American Civil War. The accounts in this collection offer first hand perspectives on this conflict from a variety of sources: soldiers and civilians, merchants and farmers, men and women.

Civil War Sallie

Don't miss Sallie Ann's best Civil War websites

The American Civil War Photo Gallery

All of the images on this website have been released to the public domain since they are government works. Includes flags, maps and time line, casualties of the civil war, battles and statistics, women in the war, life stories and people search.

Civil War--

Welcome to The Civil War, the WEB's most extensive source of original Civil War resources. This site has over 7,000 pages of original Civil War content, and is full of incredible photographs, original illustrations, and eye-witness accounts of the defining moments of this Historic Struggle.

Hyperbole aside, this is an amazing resource in particular year by year coverage of the Civil War including battles, Lincoln's assassination, and the complete of run of Harpers Weekly newspapers from the period.

Causes of the Civil War

Causes of the Civil War Statistics

Causes of the Civil War Quotes

Causes of the Civil War Photos

Causes of the Civil War Trivia

Causes of the Civil War Primary Sources

5th Grade List of notable persons and events related to US Westward Expansion and pre and post Civil War.